Our Story

In 2017, Sebastian Körber and Márta Pataki founded a company with the mission to develop people-focused management tools and make better workplaces. In this cooperation, modern psychology met solid business experience, and sefeedback was born soon after. Their first product is an essential must-have for each company striving to attract the best employees and partners in a culture driven organization.

The Founders

Márta PatakiMárta PatakiFounder & Managing Partner
Márta Pataki

Márta joined sefeedback with close to two decades of experience in the international retail real estate sector. She worked for major corporations, including Immofinanz, CBRE and C&W, and was actively managing resources in ten countries. She met a wide variety of people, organisational cultures and business cases. She brings a great deal of expertise and real-life experience from her journey to this up-and-coming venture. 

“By helping organizations learn faster through developing a feedback culture, we make an impact on how we work” - Márta Pataki

Sebastian KörberSebastian KörberFounder & Partner
Sebastian Körber

Sebastian is a speaker, personality trainer and coach. He is a clinical psychologist and a charismatic enterpreneur with a passion for Latin America. His driven personality combined with in-depth knowledge and innovative approaches direct him in all his endeavors. His training and coaching methods inspire many from the C-Suite. He was the first advocate of sefeedback applying it successfully at his trainings. It is by now an integral part of his program.

“Be ready for testing yourself. Act on your results. Exceed your limits. Your reward will be measured in the most valuable currency: self-esteem” - Sebastian Körber

Feedback is the foundation of change.
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